MCQ from Meeting at Night question answer

16.The poet’s boat slows down in the
(a) mud
(b) islet
(c) slushy sand
(d) rivulet

ANSWER-(c) slushy sand

17.The farm is the destination of the man because
(a) his woman stays in the farmhouse
(b) he is a farmer in the farmhouse
(c) his boatman is tired of boating in the howling storm
(d) he is scared of going further

Important MCQ

ANSWER-(a) his woman stays in the farmhouse

18.The focus in stanza II falls on
(a) the passion of the lovers
(b) the secrecy of the meeting
(cf) the openness of the meeting
(d) the perfect understanding between lover and beloved

ANSWER-(d) the perfect understanding between lover and beloved

19.The poet describes the sea, the land and the moon
(a) through poetic phrase
(c) through graphics
(b) through use of colour
(d) through rhyme

ANSWER-(b) through use of colour

20.The phrase warm sea-scented beach’ connotes
(a) the smell of salt
(b) the warmth of anticipation
(c) the warmth of the land
(d) the temperature of the night

ANSWER-(b) the warmth of anticipation

21. The lover meets his beloved
(a)in an obligated manner
(d) in a fearsome manner


22.. “And a voice less loud…”-Here the voice’ refers to the voice of
(a) the lover
(b) the ladylove
(c) the owner of the farmhouse
(d) both of them

ANSWER-(b) the ladylove

Question Answer

23.The word ‘slushy means
(a) slippery
(b) marshy
c) sandy
(d) soft and muddy

ANSWER-(d) soft and muddy

24.The expression ‘quench its speed’ means
(a) slow down
(b) speed up
(c) satisfy oneself by drinking
(d) meet up

ANSWER-(a) slow down

25.The moon is yellow’ because
(a) the moon is less warm
(b) the moon is seen against the grey sea
(c) the lover is full of warmth and passion in heart
(d) none of the three options

ANSWER-(b) the moon is seen against the grey sea

26.When the lover sails out, the sea is
(a) sleepy
(b) calm
(c) turbulent
(d) violent

ANSWER-(b) calm

27.The reason the lovers meet at night is
(a) to ensure that their love is known to one and all
(b) to ensure their love will remain secure
(c) to create a romantic mood
(d) because they work during the day

ANSWER-(b) to ensure their love will remain secure

28.The blue light comes from
(a) a match
(b) the moon
c) the sea
(d) a torch

ANSWER-(a) a match

29.Stages in the journey are
(a) two : travels
(b) three : crossings
(c) seven : obstacles
(d) four : planning

ANSWER-(b) three : crossings

30.The nature of the journey is
(a) clandestine
(b) secretive
(c) joyride
(d) celebratory

ANSWER-(b) secretive

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