MCQ from Meeting at Night question answer

Are you afraid of Robert Browning’s Meeting at Night question answers for examination. Don’t worry. Here is MCQ from Meeting at Night questions with answers for the students who want to have a good preparation on Meeting at Night written by Robert Browning. Questions on multiple choice are always important for examination and here I have given thirty MCQs for you. All these important and suggestive questions with answers will surely help you to get good marks in the examination.


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MCQ from Meeting at Night (question answer)

1.”The grey sea and …”-Here the grey sea’ refers to
(a) stormy sea
(b) calm sea
(c) gloomy sea
(d) black sea

ANSWER– (c) gloomy sea

2. “And the startled little waves that leap”- Here ‘startled’ means sea
(a) alarmed
(b) surprised
(c) sleeping
(d) stirred


3. “In fiery ringlets from their sleep”-Here the poet has presented the sea as
(a) turbulent
(b) dazzling
(c) calm and quiet
(d) stormy

ANSWER-(c) calm and quiet

4. “In fiery ringlets from their sleep”-Here the word ‘ringlets’ means
(a) inlet of sea
(b) rings of smaller size
(c) curled pieces of long hair

ANSWER-(b) rings of smaller size

5.”As I gain the cove with pushing prow;”-Here ‘cove’ means
(a) dove
(b) garage
(c) coast
(d) inlet of the sea

ANSWER-(d) inlet of the sea

6.In “Meeting at Night, the expression pushing prow’ refers to
(a) static sea
(b) moving boat
(c) coastal area
(d) convert

ANSWER-(b) moving boat

Important MCQ

7.”And quench its speed in the slushy sand.”-Here the word ‘quench’ means
(a) yellow
(b) exploit
(c) cool or satisfy thirst

ANSWER-(c) cool or satisfy thirst

MCQ from Meeting at Night question answer

8. The narrator has to cross
(a) one field
(b) five fields
(c) three fields
(d) six fields

ANSWER-(c) three fields

9.The speaker’s lady love dwells at
(a) mansion
(b) farmhouse
(c) palace
(d) hut

ANSWER-(b) farmhouse

.10…the quick sharp scratch-Here ‘scratch’ refers to the sound of
(a) cracker
(b) a scratch card to win gifts
(c) a musical instrument
(d) striking of a match stick

ANSWER-(d) striking of a match stick

11.”And blue spurt of a lighted match,’-Here “blue spurt’ refers to
(a) blue flame
(b) blue match box
(c) a blue coloured match stick
(d) blue water

ANSWER-(a) blue flame

MCQ from Meeting at Night

12.”And a voice less loud”-Here the expression refers to
(a) auditory
(b) sight
(c) touch
(d) visual

ANSWER-(a) auditory

13….through its joys and fears,”-Here the situation is
(b) grave
(c) romantic
(d) out of control

ANSWER-(c) romantic

14…with pushing prow,-The poet pushes his prow
(a)to reach the inlet
(b) to start his voyage
(c) as it got stuck in weeds
(d) to change the direction of the boat

ANSWER-(a)to reach the inlet

15.”And the startled little waves…”The little waves are startled by
(a) the ship
(b) the moonlight
(c) the breeze in the sea
(d) the boat

ANSWER-(d) the boat

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