The Luncheon Questions and Answers by Somerset Maugham

This is a post on “The Luncheon” by Somerset Maugham Questions and Answers for the students od DAV under CBSE Board. This will give you complete preparation of “The Luncheon” which is a very important prose piece of NCERT syllabus also. Here is a general discussion of any type of long questions and answers that the students need to prepare for examination.


The Luncheon Questions Answers by Somerset Maugham

1. Who is the writer of the short story “The Luncheon”?
ANSWER– The author of the short story “The Luncheon” is William Somerset Maugham.

2.When did the narrator  meet the lady?//Where and when did the narrator meet the lady?
– The narrator saw the lady in a theatre hall and as she beckoned him, he went to meet her during the interval of the play.

3. How many years later did the narrator meet the lady?
ANSWER– The lady remembered that they met again after a long interval of twenty years.

4. Where had they met before?
ANSWER– The narrator asked the lady to luncheon twenty years ago. They met in an expensive restaurant named Foyot’s.


5. Where did the narrator live twenty years ago? How was the financial condition of the narrator?
ANSWER– The narrator was in Paris twenty years ago. He lived in a tiny apartment in the latin quarter overlooking a cemetery.
Financially the narrator was not so stable as he was earning barely enough money to keep the body and soul together.

6. What was written in another letter written by the lady to the narrator?
– In a letter the narrator found that the lady expressed herself about his book and in another letter the lady expressed her wish to meet him. The letter said that she had been passing through Paris and would like to chat with him with her little free time on the following Thursday. She also added that she had been spending the morning at Luxembourg with an expectation of a luncheon at Foyot’s, a very expensive restaurant.


7. How was Foyot’s?
ANSWER– Foyot’s was a restaurant at which the French Senators eat and it was a very expensive restaurant beyond the reach of the narrator’s means.

8. How did the narrator decide to invite the lady to the luncheon?///Why didn’t the narrator avoid the luncheon at Foyot’s?
-Though the possible expense of a lunch at Foyot’s was very expensive for the narrator, he decided to have lunch with the lady there because he couldn’t avoid flattery and he was too young to say no to a woman.

9. “I could manage well enough.”-Who is the speaker? What could he manage? How could he do so?

ANSWER– The narrator of the short story “The Luncheon” is the speaker of the above line.

The narrator spoke of managing the expense of the rest of the month with a little amount.

The narrator had eighty francs to last the rest of the month. He thought that a modest luncheon should not cost more than fifteen francs. So he had to cut out coffee for the next two weeks. In this way he expected to manage.


10. Describe the appearance of the lady when she first met the narrator?
ANSWER– When the lady  and the narrator met for the first time at Foyot’s, the narrator saw that she was not so young as he had expected. She appeared to be more imposing than attractive. She was a woman of forty and she was very talkative.

11. Why was the narrator startled?
ANSWER– The narrator was startled because the prices on the bill of fare were too high.

12. What did the lady first tell the narrator to reassure him?
ANSWER– The lady told the narrator that she never ate anything for lunch to reassure him.

13. What was the first order of the lady?
ANSWER– The first order of the lady was a dish of Salmon.

14. What was followed by salmon?
ANSWER– While the salmon was being cooked, the lady decided to have a little caviare.

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