The Luncheon Questions and Answers by Somerset Maugham


15. “My heart sank a little “- Why did the narrator’s heart sink a little?
ANSWER– The narrator’s heart sank a little after the lady’s order of a little caviare because he knew that he couldn’t afford it;but he couldn’t say that to her.

16. What did the narrator order for himself?
ANSWER– The narrator ordered for himself a mutton chop, the cheapest dish on the menu.

17. Why were Salmon, caviare and asparagus important to the narrator?
ANSWER– Salmon, caviare and asparagus were important to the narrator because they were very expensive food items that a person of average means like the narrator couldn’t dream of ordering at the costly restaurant like Foyot’s.

18. What drink did the lady want and why?
– The lady wanted to have champaigne because she said that her doctor would not let her drink anything but champaigne.

19. What did the lady speak about while eating caviare and salmon?
ANSWER– The lady talked joyfully of art, literature and music when She was having caviare and salmon. At that time nartator was thinking about the bill of the luncheon.

20. What did the waiter describe about asparagus?
ANSWER– Hearing a question on the availability of asparagus, the waiter gave a broad laugh and informed her that they had some very large, very tender and very splendid asparagus.


21. “Panic seized me – Who was me’ referred to here? when did the panic seize him? Why was he seized by panic?
ANSWER– In this line the narrator is referred to as ‘me’.
when the asparagus was being cooked for the lady, the narrator got panic less from the thought of the rest of the month’s expenditure than his thought of ability in the payment of the bill.

so the narrator panicked because he thought that the bill would be beyond the capacity of his pocket.

22. What did the narrator plan if he would not be able to pay the bill?
ANSWER– As soon as the narrator thought that the bill was going to be too high for him to pay, he at once planned to save himself. It was sure that he would not borrow anything from his guest. So, falling in trouble, The narrator would put his hand into his pocket and with a dramatic cry, he would announce that his pocket had been picked. Then, leaving his watch, he would request to the the restaurant to pay the Bill letter.

23. What did the lady ask for after asparagus?
ANSWER- After having asparagus, the lady asked for an ice cream and a coffee.

24. Then a terrible thing happened- What terrible thing happened?
ANSWER- When the narrator and the Lady were waiting for coffee, the head waiter came up to them with a large basket full of huge peaches. This, according to the narrator was a terrible thing.

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