MCQ from Leela’s Friend Question Answer

In this post we will discuss MCQ from Leela’s Friend Question Answer for the students. Prepare well for the examination form this post. Both detailed and suggestions of MCQ questions with answers are given here.

Complete each of the following sentences, choosing the correct option from the alternatives provided:




1.Sidda knows…..

  1. the deity
  2. the policeman
  3. the moon
  4. the thieves

2. Leela’s mother was unable to tell her a story when requested bacause

  1. she did not know any
  2. she was too sleepy to narrate a story
  3. her mind was preoccupied with thoughts of Sidda
  4. she did not want to indulge Leela just then

3. “Mr Sivasanker was … brooding over the servant problem.” -Here, ‘brooding over’ means

  1. breeding
  2. discussing something over
  3. bending over something
  4. thinking for a long time in a troubled way

4. “Mr Sivasanker subjected him to a scrutiny..” Here the word ‘scrutiny means

  1. enquiry
  2. interrogation
  3. careful and thorough examination
  4. thorough search

5. When Sidda arrived for a job, Mr Sivasanker was standing in the

  1. drawing room
  2. garden
  3. front veranda
  4. balcony

6. R K Narayan was an-

  1. Indian writer in English
  2. Tamil writer
  3. Indian writer in Hindi
  4. Orya writer in Tamil

7. The expression ‘ran errands’

  1. cleaned leaves
  2. ran a cart
  3. carried out order of regular activities
  4. mended shoes

8. “I don’t see it.”-Here it’ refers to

  1. grass
  2. star
  3. moon
  4. mother

9. … though an adept at controlling the moon, …” -Here the word adept’ means

  1. adequate
  2. accept
  3. adjust
  4. skilled

10. Leela became amazed to see

  1. Sidda at his work
  2. Sidda playing with her
  3. the moon running after them
  4. the coconut tree
1. 3. the moon6. 1.Indian writer in English
2. 3. her mind was preoccupied with thoughts of Sidda7. 3. carried out order of regular activities
3. 4. thinking for a long time in a troubled way8. 3.moon
4. 3. careful and thorough examination9. 4. skilled
5. 3. front veranda10. 3.the moon running after them



11. Sidda claimed that he was adept at

  1. controlling the moon
  2. controlling the family fall out
  3. plying the pencil
  4. controlling Leela

12. .. the school hour would end.” -Here ‘school hour means

  1. Leela’s school hours
  2. Siddas school hours
  3. Leela’s play of teaching Sidda
  4. Leela’s drawing class

13. “Leela followed her, whining.”The word whining means

  1. whisking
  2. pleading
  3. complaining
  4. seeking

14. “Why are you so rough?” -Here ‘you’ refers to

  1. Leela’s father
  2. Sidda
  3. the police officer
  4. Leelas mother

15. “Leela made a noise of deprecation”
-The word ‘deprecation’ means

  1. displeasure
  2. defection
  3. dedication
  4. depreciation

16. … and all of them laughed’.-All of them laughed at

  1. inspector’s words
  2. Leela’s words
  3. Siddas words
  4. Sivasanker’s words

17. In the story, Leela’s Friend, Mr Sivasanker was

  1. a big businessman
  2. a doctor
  3. a teacher
  4. an office goer

18.Leela followed her mother in the kitchen for

  1. a chocolate
  2. some fruit juice
  3. some milk
  4. some sugar

19. The inspector said to the constable, ‘Take him to the station’ “.
-Here ‘station’ refers to the

  1. railway station
  2. police station
  3. jail
  4. pumping station

20. In the story Leela is

  1. subdued character
  2. introvert character
  3. sceptical
  4. innocent
11. 1.controlling the moon16.1.inspector’s words
12. 2.Leela’s play of teaching Sidda17. 4. an office goer
13.2. pleading18. 4.some sugar
14. 4. Leela’s mother19. 2. police station
15. 1. displeasure20. 4.innocent



21. When Leela’s mother asked Sidda about the chain

  1. he confessed to stealing it from Leela
  2. he smiled calmly and said that he did not know
  3. he pointed to someone else as the culprit
  4. he blinked and said that he did not know.

22. We understand about Sidda from his conversations with Leela that

  1. he is keen on stealing her gold chain
  2. he is an imaginative story teller and entertaining companion
  3. he prefers to chop wood rather than babysit Leela
  4. he strongly disapproves of her childish behaviour

23. Sidda was taken to the police station because

  1. the police had proof that Sidda stole the chain
  2. the police found the chain on Sidda
  3. Sidda confessed to steal the chain
  4. the police assumed that Sidda stole the chain

24. To wash the coating of tamarind on the gold chain Leela’s mother went to

  1. pond
  2. shower
  3. tap
  4. well

25. Mr Sivasanker said that the policemen still had him in

  1. the lockup
  2. the police van
  3. the jail
  4. the police van

26. Sidda declared that he had not taken the gold chain, looking at

  1. Leela
  2. the inspector
  3. the ground
  4. the kitchen of the house

27. On that day when Sidda vanished into the night, Mr Sivasanker returned home late by

  1. an hour
  2. two hour
  3. half an hour
  4. two and half hour

28. To search her gold chain Leela looked into

  1. her purse
  2. her shoes
  3. her shirt
  4. the kitchen

29. To point the moon up Sidda taking Leela to the backyard, stopped near

  • the well
  • the pond
  • the play ground
  • the reservoir

30. Sidda and Leela were standing near

  1. the rose plant
  2. the jasmine plant
  3. the marigold plant
  4. the tulip plant


21. 4. he blinked and said that he did not know.26. 3. the ground
22. 2. he is an imaginative story teller and entertaining companion27.1. an hour
23. 4. the police assumed that Sidda stole the chain28. 3.her shirt
24. 3.tap29. 1. the well
25. 1. the lockup30. 1. the rose plant



31. Sidda was given four rupees

  1. a weak
  2. a day
  3. a month
  4. a year

32. The doctor, Sidda’s previous master lived in

  1. an apartment
  2. a bungalow
  3. govt. quarters
  4. a friend’s house

33. RK Narayan’s story Leela’s Friend’ reveals

  1. the division of religion
  2. the evils of linguistic division
  3. the evils of class-based society
  4. the evils of superstitious

34. In his behaviour towards Sidda, Sivasanker was

  1. justified
  2. proved wrong
  3. found impartial
  4. found indifferent

35. When the police inspector took Sidda away with them Leela was

  1. shedding tears
  2. abusing Sidda
  3. playing with her mother
  4. keeping herself silent

36. Leela requested the police inspector to

  1. put Sidda into prison
  2. release Sidda immediately
  3. beat Sidda severely
  4. take away Sidda from their

37. Mr Sivasanker’s behaviour towards Sidda was

  1. critical
  2. sympathetical
  3. practical
  4. mechanical

38. Leela’s mother is by nature

  1. sceptical
  2. introspective
  3. passive character
  4. restless, dominating character

39. .. the fellow already looked queer.” -Here the word ‘queer’ means

  1. strange
  2. connected
  3. panicky
  4. serious

40. In the evening Leela arranged for Sidda

  1. a cup of tea
  2. story telling
  3. a class of drawing
  4. recitation class

MCQ from Leela’s Friend Question Answer

31. 3.a month36. 4. take away Sidda from their
32. 2. a bungalow37. 4. mechanical
33. 3. the evils of class-based society38. 3. passive character
34. 2. proved wrong39. 1. strange
35. 1. shedding tears40. 3.a class of drawing
MCQ from Leela’s Friend by Question Answer



a.Leela’s Friend’ by R K Narayan is a story which is from

  1. Swami and Friends
  2. The English Teacher
  3. Malgudi Days
  4. The Bachelor of Arts

b. Leela’s Friend’ is

  1. an essay
  2. a drama
  3. a novel
  4. a short story

c. Leela’s box was full of

  1. catalogues, pens and chalks
  2. illustrated books, cards and pins
  3. chocolates, eraser and pencils
  4. catalogue, illustrated book and stumps of pencils

d. Leela keenly examined the ball for traces of

  1. moon
  2. cloud
  3. dust
  4. stars

e. Leela lost her

  1. doll
  2. ear-ring
  3. diamond necklace
  4. gold chain

f. At any rate, the fellow looks tidy.” -Here the word tidy’ means

  1. neat and clean
  2. shabby
  3. smart
  4. diligent

g. As said by Sidda, his previous master was a

  1. lawyer
  2. fruit-seller in the market
  3. police officer
  4. doctor

h. Leela could draw a kind of

  1. dog and cat
  2. cat and crow
  3. crow and owl
  4. cat and cow
a. 3. Malgudi Daysf. 1.neat and clean
b. 4.a short storyg.
c. 4. catalogue, illustrated book and stumps of pencilsh. and cow
d. 1.moon
e. chain


a. The thought of Sidda after his fleeing made Leela’s mother

  1. relieved
  2. happy
  3. panicky
  4. glad

b. “I think he is angry with us.”-Here he is-

  1. Leelas father
  2. the policeman
  3. Mr Sivasanker’s neighbour
  4. Sidda

c. Sidda was caught and brought Sivasanker’s home after

  1. four days
  2. seven days
  3. five days
  4. three days

d. You are not at all a reliable prosecution witness.-Here the person or witness’ refers to

  1. Sidda
  2. Mr Sivasanker
  3. Leela’s mother
  4. Leela

e. Sidda sought relief from Leela’s class by announcing that it was time for her

  1. songs or rhymes
  2. lunch
  3. music lesson
  4. dinner

f. At bed time of Leela, Sidda had to be ready with

  1. a glass of milk
  2. a hand fan
  3. story telling
  4. singing songs

g. Leela’s mother apprehended that Sidda might come at night and

  1. plunder valuables
  2. kidnap her daughter
  3. hurl a bomb on them
  4. kill them

h. According to Mr Sivasanker, all the bother about the chain was on account of his

  1. daughter
  2. wife
  3. neighbour
  4. mother
a. 3.panickyf. 3.story telling
b. 4.Siddag. 1. plunder valuables
c. 1. four daysh. 1. daughter
d. 4.Leela
e. 4.dinner


a. Leela treated Sidda like

  1. maid servant
  2. a foe
  3. an animal
  4. a foreigner

b. At the end of the story Sidda proves to be

  1. villainous
  2. innocent
  3. superstitious
  4. considerate

c. Leela’s chain was ultimately found out in the

  1. kitchen
  2. bedroom
  3. bathroom
  4. waiting room

d. Sidda said to Leela that in the sky was

  1. demon
  2. God
  3. snake
  4. angel

e. Mr Sivasanker was brooding over a problem.”-The problem was on

  1. office account
  2. education of his child
  3. a servant of his home
  4. the conjugal relationship

f. Sidda’s previous master lived near

  1. a railway station
  2. a school
  3. a tempłe
  4. a market

g. Looking at Sidda Leela gave a cry of

  1. fear
  2. joy
  3. wonder
  4. sorrow

h. Leela used to stand in front of the garden with a red ball to wait for

  1. her mother
  2. Sidda
  3. her friend, Shila
  4. her father
a. 3. an animalf. 4. a market
b. 2. innocentg. 2. joy
c. 1. kitchenh. 2.Sidda
d. 2. God
e. 3. a servant of his home


a. Leela was extremely happy with Sidda’s

  1. song
  2. appearance
  3. company
  4. voice

b. Leela keenly examined the ball for traces of

  1. the moon
  2. the God
  3. the sky
  4. the sun

c. According to Sidda, Leela can touch the sky if she stands on

  1. a roof
  2. a mango tree
  3. a palm tree
  4. a coconut tree

d. Leela clapped her hands and screamed in

  1. fear
  2. fun
  3. joy
  4. wonder

e. Leela held a class for Sidda

  1. at noon
  2. at dusk
  3. at night
  4. at dawn

f. It gave Leela great joy if she plays the role of

  1. a child
  2. a student
  3. a teacher
  4. a mother

g. In her class Leela looks upon Sidda as her

  1. headmaster
  2. colleague
  3. student
  4. assistant

h. In her class Leela made Sidda squat on

  1. the chair
  2. the bed
  3. the bench
  4. the floor
a. 3. companyf. 3. a teacher
b. 1. the moong. 3.student
c. 4. a coconut treeh. 4. the floor
d. 3. joy
e. 2. at dusk


a. Of the alphabet Leela knew

  1. four or five letter
  2. two or three letters
  3. three or four letters
  4. seven or eight letters

b. After dinner Leela ran to her

  1. study room
  2. bed room
  3. kitchen
  4. drawing room

c. One evening Sidda went out to buy

  1. tea
  2. sugar
  3. sweets
  4. milk

d. Leela demanded her mother to tell the story of

  1. an elephant
  2. a crocodile.
  3. a tiger
  4. a lion

e. Mr Sivasanker got a report that Sidda had been in jail for stealing jewellery from

  1. young people
  2. old people
  3. women
  4. children

f. For stealing jewellery Sidda had been sent to jail for

  1. six times
  2. three times
  3. four times
  4. two times

g. The interrogation of Sidda before Mr Sivasanker’s family continued for

  1. an hour
  2. two hours
  3. half an hour
  4. three hours

h. The constable took Sidda by

  1. the hand
  2. the neck
  3. the head
  4. the shoulder

MCQ from Leela’s Friend Question Answer

a. 2. two or three lettersf. 1. six times
b. 2. bed roomg. 3.half an hour
c. 2. sugarh. 1.the hand
d. 1. an elephant
e.4. children


a. Mr Sivasanker first meets Sidda

  1. in the market place
  2. at the gate in front of his house
  3. at the doctor’s bungalow
  4. in the front veranda of his house

b. Leela’s mother was unable to tell her a story when requested because

  1. she did not know any
  2. her mind was preoccupied with thoughts of Sidda
  3. she was too sleepy tonarrate a story
  4. she did not want to indulge Leela just then

c. The relationship that Leela and Sidda enjoyed was one of

  1. friendship and trust
  2. suspicion and caution
  3. employer and employee
  4. hatred and enmity

d. Sidda was hired because

  1. he came with an introduction from the doctor
  2. he had a good record of housekeeping
  3. Leela decided he had to stay
  4. he pleaded with Mr Sivasanker to be hired

e. Even after the recovery of the chain, Mr Sivasanker would not reappoint Sidda in his house because

  1. he decided not to appoint any servant in his house further
  2. Sidda had previous criminal records
  3. Sidda was somehow responsible for the missing of the chain
  4. Sidda’s attitude was not beyond doubt

f. Everyday Mr Sivasanker was asked by his wife about

  1. Sidda
  2. Leela
  3. the inspector
  4. the jewel

g. Mr Sivasanker carried Leela back into the

  1. his office
  2. school
  3. the house
  4. the inspector’s car

h. When Sidda was taken away by the constable, Leela clung to

  1. Sidda
  2. the constable
  3. the inspector
  4. her father
a. the front veranda of his housef. 4. the jewel
b. 2.her mind was preoccupied with thoughts of Siddag. 3. the house
c. 1. friendship and trusth. 1. Sidda
d. 3.Leela decided he had to stay
e. 2. Sidda had previous criminal records

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