Robert Bruce and the Spider story in English

Robert Bruce and the Spider story in English is a very important story writing for the students. Here are three examples of the story written in 100, 200 and 300 words. So go through the story according to your need and learn how to write a good story in English.


EXAMPLE- 1 Robert Bruce and the Spider

Outline : Robert Bruce-defeated six times by enemies-took shelter in a cave in utter depression-thought of leaving the country-found a spider to climb the ceiling of the cave-fell six times-succeeded in seventh attempt-Bruce was inspired- fought again-got back his kingdom.


Robert Bruce was a famous  Scottish king. He won great reputation for his heroism and valiant skill in warfare. Once his kingdom was attacked by his enemies. The attack destroyed his kingdom entirely and he faced defeat. After being defeated, he did not lose his unbreakable spirit. He did not give in easily. He fought again and again with the scattered soldiers but was defeated every time. Even six of his heroic attempts could not being a positive result.


Finally he became dejected and depressed. Then he took shelter in a cave away from human habitation. He was spending days there losing all zest for life. One day the ill-fated king was brooding over his pathetic state. Suddenly his eyes fell on a spider trying to make a cobweb in the ceiling. It was trying to get to the ceiling but each time the spider faced failure because the plain surface helped him to fall again and again.  It fell six times yet it did not give up hope. Every time it started with renewed energy. Finally it was crowned with success in its seventh attempt.

Robert Bruce noticed and got inspiration from the little creature. It instantly roused a ray of hope in him. He made up his mind to make a dying attempt against the occupiers. Accordingly he came out of the cave, collected his scattered soldiers and formed a vast army. With great enthusiasm he then invaded the attackers and fought heroically. This time Bruce succeeded in getting at the most desired goal. The spider helped the great king to bring back his royal power.

EXAMPLE- 2 Robert Bruce and the Spider

OUTLINE- A king defeated by his enemies- hid himself in a cave-A spider failed six times to climb up the roof of the cave-it succeeded at the seventh attempt- the king inspired -fought against the enemies for the seventh time – became successful.

story of Robert Bruce And The Spider in English
story of Robert Bruce And The Spider


Once there was a king who lost his kingdom as he was defeated by his enemies. He had a great longing to get back his kingdom at any cost. So he did not lose hope. He gathered and trained troops and made many attempts to drive away the enemies. But to his misfortune, he lost battles all the time. His repeated failure wiped up his hope. Then He then took shelter in a cave.

One day when he was lying in the cave in a pensive mood, he saw a spider trying to climb up to the ceiling of the cave. But it failed six times and succeeded the seventh time. The king got much inspiration from this and he fought against the enemies. This time he became successful
and regained his lost kingdom.

Moral : Endeavour with Patience is the mother of success. 


Robert Bruce, brave king of Scotland- defeated by the English -lost his kingdom- fought for six times – couldn’t regain kingdom – took shelter in a cave -saw a spider truing to reach its web- fell six time -succeeded on seventh attempt- king Bruce made his last attempt-got back his throne.


Robert Bruce was then ruling over Scotland. Once the English attacked his kingdom. The brave King fought valiantly, but he couldn’t win the battle. He lost his kingdom. The King, however, did not lose hope and courage. He set his troops and fought six heroic battles one after another to get back his kingdom. But he lost all of them. Then In despair he hid himself in a cave.

One day when the sad King was taking rest, he saw a spider. It was trying to reach its web on the ceiling of the cave. It was climbing a little, slipping and falling. Six times it fell, but it didn’t stop its struggle. On the seventh attempt it became successful. King Bruce felt great hope and courage. “The spider’s perseverance is a lesson for me” he thought. He organized his army and fought bravely once more. This time he succeeded. He was on the throne again.

Moral : Perseverance is a key to success.

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