The Wind Cap Activity question answer class 8

Here I have discussed about The Wind Cap Activity Question answer class 8. I have aptly given the solutions of the questions and answers including the writings of the activities of The Wind Cap, class 8. Jane Yolen is the writer of The Wind Cap.

Activity 1

Tick the correct alternative / choose the correct alternative.
(i) The lad had wanted to be a (a) doctor (b) sportsman (c) sailor.
Answer- (c) sailor.
(ii) Mother told the lad that he knew the smell of the (a) soil (b) food (c) flower.
Answer-(a) soil
iii) Jon put the turtle on his (a) back (b) head (c) hand.
Answer- (b) head
(iv) The fairy man wanted to know Jon’s (a) age (b) name (c) heart’s desire.
Answer-  (c) heart’s desire.

Activity 2

Rearrange the following sentences in the correct order and put the numbers in the given boxes:
(1) Jon met the tiny green turtle. ( 2)
(2) Mother said Jon was a farmer’s son. (1)
(3) The turtle changed to the tiny green fairy man. (4)
(4) Jon plucked the turtle from his head. (3)
(5) Jon did not express his wish. (6)
(6) Jon bowed back. (5)

question answer of the wind cap activity solve

Activity 3

Answer the following question:
Why do you think Jon thought that the turtle would be safe on his head?
Answer- I think Jon thought that the turtle would be safe on his head because he could not run it over during ploughing and it would be safe on his head.

Activity 4

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:
(a) The cap that sailors most desire… was a wind cap which was full of wind.
(b) Seeing a ship anchored near the shore… Jon requested the captain to take him along.
(c) By twisting the cap, Jon could summon… the east wind and the west wind.
(d) Jon desired to see the land because… for a year and a day, young Jon did not set foot on land.

Activity 5

Answer the following questions:
(a) Why did the fairyman offer Jon the wind-cap?
Answer- The fairyman offered Jon the wind cap because Jon saved the green turtle keeping him on his head like a cap.
(b) What was the condition that was associated with the wind cap?
Answer- The condition associated with the wind cap was that no human hand could ever be able to take it off.
(c)Why did Jon become popular with the sailors?
Answer- Jon became popular with the sailors as he could supply the east, west, south and west wind by the help of the wind cap.

Activity 6

Write ‘T for true and ‘F for false statements in the given boxes. Give supporting statements for each of your answers:
(a) Jon never dreamt about the land. (F)

SUPPORTING SENTENCE:  “However Jon couldn’t stop dreaming of the land.”

(b) The squall was called up because Jon was sleeping.(T)

SUPPORTING SENTENCE:  “It called up a squall from the clear sky that hit the ship without a warning.”

(c) The captain was angry with Jon.(T)

SUPPORTING SENTENCE:  “In anger, he grabbed him by the tail of the striped cap…”

(d) Jon did not return the wind-cap to the fairy man.(F)

SUPPORTING SENTENCE:  “He placed the wind cap under a stone where he knew the fairyman would finds it.”

Activity 7

Answer the following questions:
(a) Why did the sailors try to rip off the cap from Jon’s head?
Answer- The sailors tried to rip off the cap from Jon’s head because his cap summoned a heavy strong wind (squall) and it spun the ship.
(b) How did Jon divide his time between land and sea?
Answer- Jon spent half the year on land and half on the sea till at last he owned a boat and hundred acre of farmland.
(c) Do you think Jon was rightly called Captain Turtle? Give reasons for your answer.
Answer- I think Jon was rightly called Captain turtle because like a turtle he spent half the year on land and half on water.
(d) Why did Jon want to return the wind cap to the fairy man?
Answer- Jon wanted to return the wind cap to the fairy man because he wanted to establish himself as a famous sailor by himself and not taking any help from fairyman or any type of superpower.

Let’s learn:

Read the following sentence
The wind has been whirling about the boat, tearing the sails and snapping the spars. In the above sentence, the tense of the verb suggests an action which began at some time in the past and is still continuing.

Let’s do:

Activity 8 (a)

Underline the verbs in the following sentences that suggest actions that began in the past and are still continuing:
(a) They have been travelling for ten hours.
(b) He thanked me for what I have been doing.
(c) The baby has been sleeping all day.
This kind of tense is called Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Details of present perfect continuous tense

Let’s learn:

Read the following sentence:
One day he had been walking behind the plough.
In the above sentence, the tense of the verb is used for an action that began before a certain point in the past and continued up to that time.

Activity 8 (b)

Underline the verbs in the following sentences which suggest actions that began before a certain point in the past and continued up to that time:
(i) They had been playing in the field for an hour before mother called them.
(ii) When I visited my uncle, he had been teaching in a school there for five years.
(iii) Rita had been studying in our school for the last eight years since I met her.
This kind of tense is called Past Perfect Continuous Tense.

Let’s do:

Activity 8 (c)

Fill in the blanks with either the Present Perfect Continuous or Past Perfect Continuous Tense:
(i) The rain had been pouring when I left home. (pour)
(ii) The engineers have been building the bridge for the past few months. (build)
(ii) The performers have been singing since evening. (sing)
(iv) At that time, Mr. Roy has been writing poems for one month. (write)

Activity 9

Replace the underlined words with their antonyms:
(a) Jon had always obeyed his mother. ⇒ disobeyed
(b) Jon began his first ever sea voyage. ⇒ stopped
(c) He became very popular with the sailors. ⇒ unpopular
(d) In Jon’s dream the seasons turned rapidly. ⇒ slowly

Let’s talk:

Jon returned the wind cap to the fairy man although it had fulfilled his wishes. Would you have done the same had you been in Jon’s place? Discuss in groups.

Activity 10(a)

Imagine you are out on the open sea in a boat with waves rising all around you. Would you feel scared or excited? Write a paragraph in about eighty words describing your experience of the sea voyage.

An Experience of the Sea Voyage

I have always great interest in sea. Every year I like to visit a seaside. I also want to board a ship and start a sea journey. However that wish was slightly fulfilled when I visited Puri this year and got the opportunity of a short bat journey on the sea water. It was an experience of about five or six miles on the water. I was quite terrified when the boat started it’s journey. The rising waves all around the boat made me nervous. But as the time progressed, the fear turned into adventure. I was shouting in joy looking at the green sea. When the boat returned to the sea shore, I could not want to se my foot again on the sand. I still wanted to have another sea voyage for a time unknown to me.

Activity 10 (b)

Suppose you had wished to perform on stage for a long time. On the occasion of your school’s annual function, you finally got a chance to do so. Write a letter to your friend describing how you felt when your wish was fulfilled.


My dear Amilesh,

        I haven’t heard from you for a long time. Hope you are all well. You will be very glad to know that on the occasion of the school’s annual function, I got the opportunity of being a part of the cultural function held in the programme. I always had the intention to perform on the stage. I was given a role in the drama staged on that day. I played the role quite brilliantly and I was appreciated by all the audience present there. I think I will perform more in future.

No more today. More in my next letter. With love to you and regards to your parents.

Your loving friend



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