Tales of Bhola Grandpa textual question answer

This blog is about Tales of Bhola Grandpa textual question answer for class 9 under WBBSE students. Tales of Bhola Grandpa is written by Manoj Das.

Exercise 1`

Tick the correct answer from the given alternatives:
1. In the bokal tree there lived
(a) crows
(b) monkeys
(c) tigers
(d) sparrows
Ans- (b) monkeys

2. On the way back from the festival, Bhola Grandpa tightly held on to the two fingers of his
(a) son
(b) cousin
(d) nephew
Ans- (c)grandson

3. A gang of pirates were burying a
(a) large box
(b) small box
(c) large bag
(d) small bag
Ans- (a) large box

4. Bhola Grandpa was returning from the
(a) yearly market
(b) monthly market
(c) daily market
(d) weekly market
Ans- (d) weekly market

5. Bhola Grandpa died at the age of
(a) eighty-five
(b) ninety-five
(c) fifty-five
(d) seventy-five
Ans- (b) ninety-five

Tales of Bhola Grandpa textual question answer
Tales of Bhola Grandpa

Exercise 2

Answer the following questions within fifteen words:
(a) When did Bhola Grandpa let out a loud wail?
Ans- Bhola grandpa let out a loud wail when he found that his grandson whom he had taken to the fair was not with him.

(b) Where had the grandson found a cosy shelter?
Ans- The grandson found a cosy shelter under a cow’s belly.

(c) What request did Bhola Grandpa make to the first man he saw on the mound?
Ans- Bhola grandpa requested the first man he saw on the mound to give him some water to drink.

(d) How old was Bhola Grandpa’s wife when he died?
Ans- Bhola grandpa’s wife was eighty years old when he died.

Exercise 3

Answer the following questions within twenty-five words:
(a) Why was no real treasure found under the sand dunes?
Ans- No real treasure was found under the sand dunes because it was a dream that Bhola grandpa had during his midday nap.

(b) What did the tiger do after Bhola Grandpa had climbed up the banyan tree?
Ans- After Bhola grandpa had climbed up the banyan tree, the tiger circled the tree for hundred times and sat under the tree waiting for his prey.

(c)What was the reason of Bhola Grandpa’s death according to his wife?
Ans- According to his wife, Bhola Grandpa died because he had forgotten to breathe.

Exercise 4

Change the mode of narration of the following sentences
(a) Bulbuli said to his friend, “Will you come tomorrow?”
Ans- Bulbuli asked his friend if he (his friend) would come the next day.
(b) Paulami says,” l am fine.”
Ans- Poulami says that she is fine.
(c) The teacher said to the students, “Keep quiet.!”
Ans- the teacher ordered the students to keep quiet.
(d) My mother said to me, “May your dreams come true.”
Ans- My mother wished that my dreams might come true.
(e) The students said,” Sir, please allow us to play in the field.”
Ans- The students politely requested their teacher to allow them to play in the field.

Exercise 5

In each of the sentences of the following passage some articles and prepositions are in an incorrect manner. Underline them and replace them with the appropriate ones:
On an winter night I was aboard a boat. It was a moonlit night full on stars. The boat was anchored up a great river. I was thrilled to see a beauty of nature.
Ans- On a winter night I was aboard a boat. It was a moonlit night full of stars. The boat was anchored in a great river. I was thrilled to see the beauty of nature.

Exercise 6

Write a dialogue within 100 words on the need to ban the use of animals like tigers and lions as circus attractions
Hints: wild animals decreasing- ill treatment to animals in circuses-criminal offence-laws against such-need to be humane to animals

Person A: Have you heard of the effort to stop tigers and lions from being used in circuses?
Person B: I have, indeed. It’s past time to solve the problem. Wild animal populations are declining, and utilizing them in circuses exacerbates the situation.
Person A: That’s right! These magnificent creatures belong in their native environments, not in cramped cages. They perform stunts for amusement.
Person B: It’s not only about conservation; it’s also about the cruelty that these creatures face. The housing circumstances, regular travel, and training methods are all harsh.
Person A: Using wild animals in circuses is illegal in many nations. This has been acknowledged. It’s high time we must be alert.
Person B: I concur entirely. Strict legislation should be in place to prohibit using animals for entertainment purposes. It has to do with humanity and compassion.
Person A: Besides, there are other entertainment options available that don’t entail animal abuse. Our first priority must be to treat these animals with kindness and to honor their role in the environment.
Person B: Hopefully, more people will join the effort so that we can stop this horrible and outmoded practice.

Exercise 7

Write a story within 100 words using the given hints. Give a title to the story:
Hints: returning from educational excursion by bus-night journey-sudden breakdown- tyres punctured-had to wait for two hours at a lonely place-tyres fixed-back home

Example 1- “Journey of Resilience”

A bus carrying a bunch of students set out on their educational vacation, traveling through the night. The bus suddenly broke down with flat tires in the middle of nowhere. They were left stranded in the dark and had to wait in silence for two exhausting hours before the tires got patched.

The experience transformed into an unforeseen journey, creating new connections amongst the weary yet resilient pupils. Once the tires became fixed, they resumed their journey and returned home with stories of their companionship from a night of difficulties and fun. They learned the virtue of patience and cooperation from the unplanned detour, which they now treasure.

 Example 2 – “Journey of Resilience”

A group of students returned from an educational tour, their minds full with newly acquired knowledge, as the bus trundled into the night. A mechanical groan suddenly sounded throughout the bus, causing it to tremble and come to a stop. They were left stranded at a desolate crossroads in the pitch black due to punctured tires.

With their spotlights creating strange shadows, the students disembarked, and anxious voices filled the air. They crowded close, their spirits unfazed by the unexpected setback, with nothing to do but wait. Two hours dragged on like an unending chasm, but in that time, bonds became strengthened and a common toughness surfaced.

Laughter resounded through the night beneath the starry sky, and the students took comfort in their makeshift camp. The long wait turned into a bonding event as everyone pitched together to fix the bus. The bus roared back to life as the tires were eventually patched, transporting the weary but victorious students home.

Their journey faced an unexpected breakdown that demonstrated the power that comes from adversity. Their tales of solidarity and friendship became folklore among the pupils, demonstrating the resiliency that emerges when confronted with adversity. As the bus continued its journey, it carried not only its passengers but also the recollections of a night that had transformed an ordinary return trip into an extraordinary excursion.

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