MCQ from The Poetry of Earth John Keats

Here is MCQ from The Poetry of Earth John Keats. The Poetry of Earth is a monument to the creative depth and literary brilliance that grace the Class 12 WBCHSE syllabus in the enchanted world of academia, where the beauty of literature blends with the accuracy of examinations. The Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) transform from a test into a tool for pupils to learn the verses’ inner meanings as they set out on a quest to decipher them.

The Poetry of Earth, a section of the WBCHSE curriculum that invites students to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of poetic language, has MCQs that we will explore in this blog post. These multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are more than just questions and answers; they open doors to a world where words are carefully chosen to evoke feelings, metaphors dance with images, and symbolism spins narratives that go beyond the ordinary.

Let’s explore the poetic landscapes and unravel the mysteries of these MCQs together, opening the entrance to a world where each decision holds the key to a deeper understanding of the profound lyrics that make up the Poetry of Earth. Join me on this literary journey as we go through the lines and stanzas while accepting the challenge of MCQs to discover the mysteries hidden in the Class 12 WBCHSE‘s poetry tapestry.

MCQ from The Poetry of Earth John Keats
MCQ from The Poetry of Earth John Keats

1.The Grasshopper is associated with the season-
(a) winter,
(b) autumn,
(c) summer,
(d) spring.

ANSWER- (c) summer,

2.Being tired, the Grasshopper rests beneath
(a) green hedge,
(b) bushes,
(c) pleasant weed,
(d) grassy hills.

ANSWER- (c) pleasant weed,

3. The octave of the poem The Poetry of Earth is about
(a) summer and grasshopper,
(b) summer, 
(c) grasshopper,
(d) summer and birds.

ANSWER- (a) summer and grasshopper,

4. According to Keats, the music of earth ceases
(a) in summer,
(b) in winter,
(c) in autumn,
(d) at no point of time.

ANSWER- (d) at no point of time.

5. A winter evening is
(a) hazy,
(b) silent,
(c) gloomy,
(d) delightful.

ANSWER- (b) silent,

6. The silence in The Poetry of Earth’ has been wrought by
(a) summer,
(b) winter,
(c) frost,
(d) rain.

ANSWER- (c) frost,

7. The cricket’s song arriving from the stove is-
(a) shrill,
(b) dull,
(c) sweet,
(d) silent.

ANSWER- (a) shrill,

8. The seasons that are portrayed in the poem The Poetry of Earth are
a) summer and winter,
(b) autumn and spring,
(c) summer and spring,
(d) autumn and winter.

ANSWER- a) summer and winter,

9. In ‘The Poetry of Earth’, the poet refers to the ‘voice’ of
(a) Grasshopper,
(b) Cricket,
(c) bird,
(d) nature.

ANSWER- (a) Grasshopper,

10. The phrase “The Poetry of Earth” means
(a) the luxurious summer,
(b) the music of Nature,
(c) the delightful birds,
(d) the song of the grasshopper.

ANSWER- (b) the music of Nature,

MCQ from The Poetry of Earth

11. The original title of the poem The Poetry of Earth’ is
(a) On the Grasshopper and Cricket,
(b) The Grasshopper and Cricket,
(c) The Cricket and the Grasshopper,
(d) The Grasshopper and the Cricket.

ANSWER- (a) On the Grasshopper and Cricket,

12. The structure of The Poetry of Earth’ is that of a
(a) Petrarchan sonnet,
(b) Shakespearean sonnet.
(c) Spenserian stanza,
(d) Envelope sonnet.

ANSWER- (a) Petrarchan sonnet,

13. The Poetry of Earth has
(a) a sestet and a quatrain,
(b) an octave and a sestet,
(c) 3 quatrains and a couplet
(d) none of the above.

ANSWER- (b) an octave and a sestet,

14. During summer the grasshopper continues the music of the earth when
(a) the sun shines hot in the sky,
(b) the grasshopper runs from hedge to hedge,
(c) the summer is luxurious,
(d) the birds cease singing being tired.

ANSWER- (d) the birds cease singing being tired.

15. The grasshopper sings in the
(a) trees,
(b) flowers,
(c) new-mown mead,
(d) house.

ANSWER- (c) new-mown mead,

16. “.. he takes the lead” -Who is ‘he’? He is
(a) the Summer,
(b) the Grasshopper,
(c) the Cricket,
(d) the poet.

ANSWER- (b) the Grasshopper,

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