Couplets question answer DAV class 8 English chapter 9

Here is a blog post on Couplets question answer DAV class 8 English chapter 9. You have come to the right site if you are looking for DAV Class 8 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 “couplets” by Alexander Pope. The exercises from Chapter 9 of the DAV Class 8 English book, Couplets, are provided at the end of the chapter. These solutions will be helpful for Class 8 English exams.

Here, we offer comprehensive answers to the DAV Class 8 English chapter 9 of the English literary book, “Couplets”. The DAV Class 8 English Literature Book Solutions Chapter 9 “Couplets” comprises the answers to the questions in this exercise from English chapter 9 Couplets by Alexander Pope.

Couplets question answer DAV class 8 English chapter 9
Couplets question answer DAV class 8 English chapter 9
  • Contents-
    Understanding of the Couplets
    Life skills
    Writing skills

    Extra questions with answer
    Summary of Couplets

Understanding the Couplets

A. On the basis of your understanding of the couplets, complete the following statements by filling in the blanks.

1. Just as no two watches show the same time, the.judgements… of different people vary and each person believes in their own…oneself..
2. The best way to live is to tread the..middle… path and avoided…bending.. on the extremes.
3. Only fools … compete… Over the forms of government. The most successful government is the one with the best…administration..
4. Let fanatic people...fight.. for..religion….One who follows the path of truth can never be...wrong... or aimless.
5. People might have different …faiths… religions, aims or ambitions, but …. charity… is the common concern of the whole ...society.  

B. Answer the following questions in about 30 words, elaborating the ideas given in the couplets.

1. What is the key to a successful life?

Answer- We ought to lead balanced lives. We should always take the middle road and avoid bending or leaning in one direction over the other.

2. What are the various forms of government? (Mention two or three.) Which one is the best? Why?

Answer- There are many different types of government, including monarchical, authoritarian, and democratic. The finest government is one whose operations are efficient and in the general welfare.

3. What should be the chief concern of the whole mankind? What other concerns divert people’s attention from this?

Answer- The main goal of all people should be charity. The poor and those who are suffering from misery should be helped. Their dreams, hopes, aspirations, and faith distract them from this.

CRead the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow.

1.”He knows to live, who keeps the middle state.” (a) What do you understand by ‘middle state’? (b) How can the ‘middle state’ be achieved? (c) Is this line relevant in a student’s life? Give an example. (d) What other things are required to lead a virtuous life?

Answer- (a) The term “middle state” describes a neutral position when one maintains a neutral point of view on life.
(b) This can be accomplished through valuing the virtues around us.
(c) This statement applies to students since they should be the first to recognize others’ merits.
(d) We ought to be sincere, considerate, and willing to assist anyone who asks for it.

2.”For modes of faith let graceless zealots fight.” (a) Why do zealots fight? (b) Why are zealots called ‘graceless’? (c) Whose life cannot be wrong? Why? (d) How can we help the zealots attain peace?

Answer- (a) Zealots are fervent individuals. They are fiercely religious and adhere to them to the letter.
(b) Zealots are called graceless because disputes regarding religion frequently break out.
(c) A person who walks the road of truth is a true human being and cannot make a mistake.
(d) By putting aside their differences over religion, they can achieve peace.

HOTS ((Couplets question answer DAV class 8 English chapter 9))

‘Half of the problems of the world will vanish if we realise that each person is right in their own perspective.’ Discuss.

Answer- It is a profound thought that many global issues may be lessened if we acknowledged the legitimacy of many points of view. Conflicts frequently result from opposing points of view, whether they are related to politics, religion, or cultural values, in our linked globe. Accepting the idea that everyone is correct from their own point of view may promote empathy, collaboration, and understanding.

First, we would look for common ground and compromise rather than forcing one point of view on another. Lack of empathy and compassion for the experiences and views of others is a common source of discrimination and prejudice. In conclusion, by promoting empathy, collaboration, and more inclusive problem-solving, accepting the notion that each person is correct in their own perspective could indeed help to resolve many global concerns.

III. Life Skills

List five qualities that a good government should have other than good administration.

Answer- To serve its residents and advance the welfare of the country, a good government should have a variety of attributes beyond just efficient administration.
Building trust between the government and its citizens requires transparency. A good government should be forthright and truthful about its deeds, choices, and principles. A trustworthy government should be responsible for its decisions and actions. In order to have a just and stable society, the rule of law must be upheld. In order to support the long-term wellbeing and prosperity of the country, a good government should make investments in infrastructure, education, healthcare, and sustainable development.

IV. Values

The joy of giving is always greater than the joy of receiving. Write a few ways in which you can help your fellow human beings who are less fortunate than you.

Answer- The following are some ways we can assist those who are less fortunate than us:
When they need money for any vital or urgent work, we can provide a little loan.
We can offer some ideas for how they may be improved.
They should be shielded from the oppressors by us.
Our books that are no longer useful to us can be given to others.

V. Writing Skills

Taking ideas from the third couplet, write a letter to a friend telling the importance leading a balanced life.


D-373, D Lane
New Delhi
6th august, 20XX

Dear Rai,
I read a piece about living a balanced life. It deeply moved me. A balanced existence is one where you take the middle road. You shouldn’t allow yourself to become predisposed to any one thing, whether it be spiritualism or materialism. A balanced approach keeps us in touch with everything. We might consider society, our family, and our health.
I hope you will give this some thought as I intend to attempt to live a balanced life that is similar to yours. It is the finest approach to lead a contented and fruitful life.


The undeserved Reward by Premchand

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