MCQ from Jimmy Valentine by O Henry

Here are some important sets on MCQ from Jimmy Valentine by O Henry. You can get a complete preparation of Jimmy Valentine MCQ for your upcoming examination. Answers are given after each set. First try to answers and then check your answers. The students of WBCSE for their class 11 examination will get help here.

MCQ from Jimmy Valentine by O Henry
MCQ from Jimmy Valentine by O Henry

SET- A (MCQ from Jimmy Valentine)

1.The guard met Jimmy
(a) prison cell
(b) outer office
(c) his shoe shop
(d) prison shoe shop

2.When the guard came Jimmy was stitching
(a) clothes
(b) lower of the shoes
(c) uppers of the shoes
(d) locks

3. Jimmy was escorted to
(a) prison cell
(b) shoe shop
(b) back office
(d) front office

4.  Jimmy was escorted to the warden’s office by
(a) the warden
(b) the governor
(c) Mike Dolan
(d) the guard

5. In the warden’s office, Jimmy was handed over
(a) his shoes
(b) suitcase
(c) pardon
(d) burglar’s tools

6. The pardon was signed by the
(a) prime minister
(b) governor
(c) jailor
(d) warden

7. The pardon was signed
(a) the same day
(b) a few weeks before
(c) a week before
(d) ten months before

8. The tenure of Jimmy’s sentence was
(a) four years
(b) ten years
(c) four days
(d) ten months

9. Jimmy was actually sentenced to
(a) three years of imprisonment
(b) ten years of imprisonment
(c) five years of imprisonment
(d) four years of imprisonment

10.Jimmy had served the sentence for
(a) ten months
(b) four years
(c) four months
(d) nearly ten months

ANSWERS OF SET- A (MCQ from Jimmy Valentine)

1.(d) prison shoe shop6.(b) governor
2.(c) uppers of the shoes7.(a) the same day
3.(d) front office8.(a) four years
4.(d) the guard9. (d) four years of imprisonment
5.(c) pardon10. (a) ten months


1.Jimmy received his pardon
(a) assiduously
(b) tiredly
(c) enthusiastically
(d) sadly

2.Jimmy expected to serve the sentence for only about
(a) three months
(b) ten years
(c) ten months
(d) four months

3.The word ‘stir is the American word for
(a) string
(b) a guard
(c) a prisoner
(d) prison

4.Jimmy was advised to live straight by
(a) Ben Price
(b) Ralph
(c) Annabel Adams
(d) the warden

5.Jimmy was sent to prison for his involvement in a burglary in
(a) Springfield
(b) Richmond
(c) Elmore
(d) Logansport

6.Jimmy was put in jail for the
(a) Logansport case
(b) Arkansas case
(c) Springfield case
(d) Richmond case

7.Cronin was the name of
(a) the guard
(b) the clerk
(c) the jailor
(d) Jimmy’s friend

8. The warden ordered the guard to unlock Jimmy at
(a) 7 p.m.
(b) 7.15 a.m.
(c) 7.30 a.m.
(d) 7 a.m.

9. Jimmy stood in the warden’s office on the next morning at
(a) 6.45 a.m.
(b) 7.15 a.m.
(c) 7 a.m.
(d) 7.30 a.m.

10. The pair of shoes Jimmy was wearing during his
release was
(a) comfortable
(b) stiff
(c) old
(d) expensive


1.(b) tiredly6.(c) Springfield case
2.(a) three months7.(a) the guard
3.(d) prison8.(a) 7 p.m.
4.(d) the warden9.(b) 7.15 a.m.
5.(a) Springfield10.(b) stiff


1.The clerk handed Jimmy a
(a) pair of shoes
(b) railroad ticket
(c) cigar
(d) ten-dollar bill

2.A cigar was offered to Jimmy Valentine by
(a) the clerk
(b) the guard
(c) Ben price
(d) the warden

3.The number Jimmy got in the jail was
(a) 9627
(b) 9762
(c) 9276
(d) 9726

4.Jimmy was chronicled in the jail-book as
(a) Jimmy, 9762
(b) Valentine, 9762
(c) James Valentine, 9761
(d) Jimmy Valentine, 9762

5.Jimmy got his pardon from the
(a) Warden
(b) President
(c) Governor
(d) Jailor

6.After his release, Jimmy went straight to a
(a) shoe shop
(b) bus depot
(c) train station
(d) restaurant

7.There Jimmy tasted the joy of his freedom in shape of a
(a) boiled chicken
(c) broiled fish
(b) broiled chicken
(d) smashed chicken

8.From the restaurant, Jimmy proceeded to
(a) the jail
(b) the bull pen
(c) the depot
(d) Elmore

9.Into the hat of the blind man, Jimmy tossed a
(a) five-dollar bill
(b) bottle of wine
(c) quarter
(d) dime

10.The name of Jimmy’s friend who owned a cafe was
(a) Dolph Gibson
(b) Ben Price
(c) Mike Dolan
(b) Mr. Adams

ANSWERS OF SET- C (MCQ from Jimmy Valentine)

1.(b) railroad ticket6.(d) restaurant
2.(d) the warden7.(b) broiled chicken
3.(b) 97628.(c) the depot
4.(b) Valentine, 97629.(c) quarter
5.(a) Warden10.(c) Mike Dolan


1.Jimmy’s friend was
(a) Ben Price
(b) Mike Dolan
(c) Billy
(d) Ralph

2. Jimmy’s friend expressed his sorrow as he could not
(a) save Jimmy from going to jail
(b) arrange the release of Jimmy sooner
(c) break a vault
(d) fight against Ben Price

3. The governor nearly stopped to sign in Jimmy’s pardon because of
(a) his behaviour
(b) the proofs against him
(c) the protest from the people
(d) Ben Price of Springfield

4. Jimmy asked Mike for
(a) a cup of tea
(b) a cigar
(c) a bottle of wine
(d) his keys

5. On the floor of Jimmy’s room was Ben Price’s
(a) coat
(b) tools
(c) shoes
(d) collar-button

6. Jimmy was arrested by
(a) Mike Dolan
(b) Dolph Gibson
(c) Annabel Adams
(d) Ben Price

7. Jimmy’s suitcase contained
(a) golden brickS
(b) some money
(c) his burglary tools
(d) books and papers

8.The burglary set of Jimmy was made of tempered
(a) iron
(b) steel
(c) gold

9. The burglary set of Jimmy cost him over
(a) 900 rupees
(b) 9000 dollar
(b) 900 dollars
(d) 9000 rupees

10.Jimmy went back to Mike’s cafe in
(a) half of an hour
(b) quarter of an hour
(c) one and half of an hour
(d) one hour

ANSWERS OF SET- D (MCQ from Jimmy Valentine)

1.(b) Mike Dolan6.(d) Ben Price
2.(b) arrange the release of Jimmy sooner7.(c) his burglary tools
3.(c) the protest from the people8.(b) steel
4.(d) his keys9.(b) 900 dollars
5.(d) collar-button10.(a) half of an hour


Jimmy reached Elmore
(a) by bus
(b) in a mail-hack
(c) by tram
(d) by train

2.The first robbery after Jimmy’s release took place in
(a) Springfield
(b) Logansport
(c) Richmond
(d) Jefferson City

3.The second robbery after Jimmy’s release took place in
(a) Indiana
(b) Logansport
(c) Richmond
(d) Jefferson City

4.After his release from jail, Jimmy committed his second burglary at
(a) Logansport
(b) Richmond
(b) Jefferson City
(d) Arkansas

5.The third robbery took place in
(a) Springfield.
(b) Logansport
(c) Richmond
(d) Jefferson City

6.The last robbery after Jimmy’s release took place
(a) Elmore
(b) Logansport
(c) Arkansas
(d) Jefferson City

7.An old fashioned bank safe that was burgled by Jimmy was in
(a) Jefferson City
(b) Richmond
(c) Logansport
(d) Arkansas

8.The amount stolen from Logansport was
(a) 1500 dollars
(d) 5000 dollars
(b) 15000 dollars
(c) 800 dollars

9.The amount stolen from the old-fashioned bank-safe of Jefferson City was
(a) 5000 dollars
(c) 800 dollars
(b) 8000 dollars
(d) 50000 dollars

10. The daring burglaries after Jimmy’s release were investigated by
(a) the governor
(c) Kane Price
(b) Annabel Adams
(d) Ben Price

ANSWERS OF SET- E (MCQ from Jimmy Valentine)

1.(b) in a mail-hack6.(d) Jefferson City
2.(c) Richmond7.(a) Jefferson City
3.(c) a drink8.(a) 1500 dollars
4.(a) Logansport9.(a) 5000 dollars
5.(d) Jefferson City10.(d) Ben Price


1.Elmore was a little town in the country of
(a) Logansport
(b) Arkansas
(c) Indiana
(d) Jefferson City

2.Jimmy had the body like a/an
(a) businessman
(b) athlete
(c) burglar
(d) bank manager

3.A young lady crossed Jimmy and entered a door with the sign
(a) The Elmore House
(b) The Elmore Bank
(c) The Elmore Shoe House
(d) The Elmore Hotel

4. To see Jimmy, the young lady
(a) got angry
(b) fell in love
(c) lowered her eyes
(d) proposed him for marriage

5.At intervals, Jimmy fed the boy on the steps of the Elmore Bank
(a) dimes
(b) bread
(c) dollars
(d) chocolates

6.With specious guile, Jimmy asked the boy if the young lady was
(a) Annabel Adams
(b) Annabel Simpson
(c) Jolly Simpson
(d) Polly Simpson

7. The Elmore Bank belonged to
(a) Annabel’s elder sister
(b) Annabel’s father
(c) Annabel Adams
(d) Ralph D. Spencer

8.The boy on the steps of the Elmore Bank wanted to buy
(a) a gold watch chain
(b) bulldog
(c) bull
(d) a pair of shoes

9.In Elmore, Jimmy put up in the
(a) Elmore Bank
(b) Planter’s Hotel
(c) Sullivan’s Palace
(d) Planter’s Villa

10. Name the hotel where Jimmy stayed.
(a) Planter’s Hotel
(b) Simpson’s Hotel
(c) Dolan’s Hotel
(d) Adam’s Hotel

ANSWERS OF SET- F (MCQ from Jimmy Valentine)

1.(b) Arkansas6.(d) Polly Simpson
2.(b) athlete7.(b) Annabel’s father
3.(b) The Elmore Bank8.(b) bulldog
4.(c) lowered her eyes9.(b) Planter’s Hotel
5.(a) dimes10.(a) Planter’s Hotel


1.In the hotel, Jimmy Valentine registered himself
(a) Mike Dolan
(b) Dolph Gibson
(c) Annabel Adams
(d) Ralph D. Spencer

2. In the hotel, Jimmy declared his platform to
(a) manager
(b) owner
(c) clerk
(d) butler

3. Jimmy wanted to know about the prospect
(a) shoe business
(b) burglary
(c) investigation of Ben Price
(d) grocery business

4. The clerk was impressed by Jimmy’s
(a) dress sense only
(b) character
(c) manner and clothes
(d) wealth

5. ‘Four-in-hand’ is a method of
(a) marriage
(b) investigation
(c) breaking a safe
(d) knotting a necktie

6. In Elmore, before Jimmy, there was no exclusive shop for
(a) medicine
(b) shoes
(c) dry-goods
(d) grocery

7. Before Jimmy’s shop, shoes were sold in Elmore
(a) the banks
(b) general stores
(c) the sidewalks
(d) medicine stores

8.The clerk informed Jimmy that the people of Elmore were
(a) unsociable
(b) sociable
(c) anti-social
(d) miserly

9.Jimmy wanted his suitcase to be carried by
(a) the clerk
(b) himself
(c) the boy
(d) Mike Dolan

10. Ralph Spencer was
(a) the phoenix that arose out of Jimmy Valentine’s ashes
(b) the banker
(c) an alibi
(d) a petty thief

ANSWERS OF SET- G (MCQ from Jimmy Valentine)

1.(d) Ralph D. Spencer6.(b) shoes
2.(c) clerk7.(b) general stores
3.(a) shoe business8.(b) sociable
4.(c) manner and clothes9.(b) himself
5.(d) knotting a necktie10.(a) the phoenix that arose out of Jimmy Valentine’s ashes

SET- H (MCQ from Jimmy Valentine)

1. Jimmy opened a store of
(a) garments
(b) cosmetics
(c) shoes
(d) groceries

2.Jimmy was more and more captivated by the charm of
(a) Annabel Adams
(b) Mike Dolan
(c) Polly Simpson
(d) Ben Price

3.The typical, plodding, country banker
(a) Annabel Adams
(c) Jimmy Valentine
(c) Mr. Adams
(d) Ralph D Spencer

4.Mr. Adams was a
(a) detective
(b) hotel owner
(c) banker
(d) teacher

5.Annabel’s pride in Ralph D Spencer almost equalled her
(a) anger
(b) respect
(c) affection
(d) indifference

6.Jimmy wanted his friend to meet him at
(a) Mike Dolan’s cafĂ©
(b) the Elmore Bank
(c) Planter’s Hotel
(d) Sullivan’s place

7.Jimmy fixed the time of meeting with his dear old pal at
(a) 9:30 a.m.
(b) 9 a.m.
(c) 9:30 p.m.
(d) 9p.m.

8.Sullivan’s place was in
(a) Elmore
(b) Springfield
(c) Little Rock
(d) Richmond

9.Jimmy wanted to meet his friend to
(a) introduce his wife with him
(b) invite him to his marriage
(c) give away his tools of burglary
(d) keep an eye on Ben Price

10.After marriage Jimmy wanted to go to the
(a) East
(b) North
(c) South
(d) West

ANSWERS OF SET- H (MCQ from Jimmy Valentine)

1.(c) shoes6.(d) Sullivan’s place
2.(a) Annabel Adams7.(d) 9p.m.
3.(c) Mr. Adams8.(c) Little Rock
4.(c) banker9.(c) give away his tools of burglary
5.(c) affection10.(d) West

SET- I (MCQ from Jimmy Valentine)

1.To open the door of the vault in the Elmore Jimmy took
(a) seven minutes
(b) ten minutes
(c) nine minutes
(d) eight minutes

2.Though the child in the vault was almost collapsed she was
(a) dead
(b) afraid
(c) safe
(d) unconscious

3.Jimmy proceeded to the door, he heard the word “Ralph” from
(a) Mr. Adams
(b) Ben Price
(c) Annabel Adams
(d) Dolph Gibson

4.Ben Price refused to
(a) pardon Jimmy
(b) pay heed to any request
(c) let Jimmy go
(d) recognize Jimmy

5.When Jimmy comes face to face with Ben Price he understands
(a) his game is up
(b) he can start afresh
(c) he can make a run
(d) he can reason with him

6. Ben Price did not arrest Jimmy because
(a) of his love for Jimmy
(b) of his compassion for Jimmy
(c) he wished to give Jimmy a second chance
(d) Jimmy was reformed 

7.Jimmy laid out his tools swiftly and
(a) hesitantly
(c) casually
(b) orderly
(d) hurriedly

8.While he was arranging his tools, Jimmy was
(a) singing
(c) whistling
(b) clapping
(d) weeping

9.While Jimmy was busy in his work in the Elmore Bank, others watched him as if they were under a
(a) pressure
(c) spell
(b) fright
(d) puzzle

10.When Jimmy opened his suitcase, he seemed to be
(a) conscious about his job
(b) unconscious about everyone
(c) carefree about his future
(d) afraid of Ben Price

ANSWERS OF SET- I (MCQ from Jimmy Valentine)

1.(b) ten minutes6.(d) Jimmy was reformed 
2.(c) safe7.(b) orderly
3.(c) Annabel Adams8.(c) whistling
4.(d) recognize Jimmy09.(c) spell
5.(a) his game is up10.(b) unconscious about everyone

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