Definition and types of Pronoun with examples

In this article we have given you a lesson on Definition and types of Pronoun with examples and exercises with solution. For details of each pronoun, click the link given below the discussions.


  • What is pronoun?
  • classification of pronoun
  • exercise on pronoun with solution.


What is pronoun?

A pronoun stands for a noun. It is used to refer to people or things or noun or nouns without naming them.


Pronouns can be classified first into two-

The detailed classification is given below with proper examples.


(a) Personal Pronouns– I, thou, ye, you, he, she, it, they etc.

(b) Demonstrative Pronouns- This, that, such, so, etc.

(c) Relative Pronouns- Who, which, that, what, as, whoever, whatever, whichever,

(d) Interrogative Pronouns- Who, which, what, etc.

(e) Reflexive  Pronouns- Myself, thyself, himself; etc.

(f) Possessive pronoun- mine,  hers, theirs, ours, etc.


  1. Distributive pronoun – Each, either, neither, etc.
  2. Indefinite pronoun – One, any, some, they, etc.
  3. Reciprocal pronoun– Each other, one another. etc.
(a) Personal Pronouns

Personal Pronouns are used in place of some persons like-I’, ‘we’, ‘you’, he’ ‘she’ they, my ‘our, their’, its’, etc.

Personal Pronouns like ‘it’, ‘they’ and ‘them’ may stand for objects or things as well.

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(b) Demonstrative pronouns

The pronouns that indicate the persons or things referred to are demonstrative pronoun.

For Example the italicized words are demonstartive pronouns. 1.This is my pen.
2.These are good books.
3.That is your book.
4.Those books are not so good.

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(c) Relative pronouns

Relative pronouns are pronouns that relate to nouns or pronouns mentioned before.

For Example For Example the italicized words are relative pronouns.
1.I met a man who gave me the news.
2.He lost the book which I gave him.

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(d) Interrogative pronoun

The pronouns that are used to ask questions are called interrogative pronouns.

For Example- Who are you?
What is your name?
Which is your book?

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(e) Reflexive pronouns

The pronouns that refer back to the subject are reflexive pronouns.

For Example-

  • He hurt himself.
  • The man saved himself.
  • we did it ourselves.
  • You found it yourself.

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Definition and types of Pronoun EXAMPLES WITH EXERCISES
Definition and types of Pronoun
(f) Possessive pronoun

Possessive pronoun describes words that show who or what a person or thing belongs to.

For example- 1. The pen is hers 2. The book is his. 3. The property is yours.

(g) Distributive pronouns

Distributive pronouns are pronouns that refer every single one in a group.

For Example-
Each of them was given a prize.
Neither of them has gone.
Neither of the answers is correct.

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(h) Indefinite pronouns

Indefinite pronouns are pronouns that refer to something or someone unspecified.

For Example-
Someone came here.
Anyone can do this.
Everybody likes him.
All are invited to the party.

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(i) Reciprocal pronouns

Reciprocal pronouns are pronouns that denote mutual action or relationship.

For Example-
You and l understand each other.
His two sons separated from each other. (Each other shows relation between two)
We all know one another.
They all said ‘hello’ to one another. (One another shows relation among more than two.)

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EXERCISE- 1 (Definition and types of Pronoun)

Fill in the blanks with the correct possessive pronoun:

1. I have a toy. That toy is… mine.
2. She has a doll. That doll is… hers.
3. I have a car. This car is … mine.
4. They have a bike. That bike is … theirs.
5. He has a ball. That ball is…his.
6. Are you sure this is…yours?
7. The toy belongs to you. This toy is …yours.
8. The scarf belongs to my sister. This scarf is…hers.
9. We have a cycle. That cycle is…ours.
10. You have a computer. That computer is…yours.

EXERCISE 2 (Definition and types of Pronoun)

Choose the correct forms of indefinite pronouns :

1.I can hear…..someone…..knocking at the door.
2.Would you like….something…to eat?
3.As it is your birthday you can order…anything… like from the menu.
4.There is…something… your hair. I think it is a lice.
5.Does…someone.…live in that house?
6.It was really dark and I could not see…anyone...
7.I was wondering if you would like…something.. to drink.
8.The guidebook says there is a good hotel…somewhere… here.
9.Can…anyone…tell me the capital of Mangolia?


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