The Eyes Have It long questions answers

“So many things were happening outside the window, it could be a fascinating game” What could be a fascinating game? When did the narrator think so? What things did the narrator perceive as the train reached and left Saharanpur? (1+2+3)

Answer- According to the narrator in Ruskin Bond’s short story The Eyes Have It the narrator guessed what went on outside the window of the train compartment to conceal his own blindness. This was the game which the narrator had to play.

The girl with whom the narrator passed his time so beautifully, got down in her destination station Saharanpur. A man entered into the compartment. The guard blew the whistle and the train moved again. At that moment, the narrator thought so.

The narrator enjoyed his brief encounter with the girl during his journey on the train. He played game by hiding his blindness successfully. The train reached at Saharanpur station and the girl got down and a new man boarded the compartment. The narrator thought that he would verify his perception about the girl with the new
passenger and asked him about her hairstyle.

The Eyes Have It Long Questions Answers

Comment on the narrator’s opinion about people with good eyesight. How does it differ from the experience of people with weak eyesight? (3+3)(The Eyes Have It Long Questions Answers)

Answer-  In the short story “The Eyes Have It”, the narrator has highlighted the importance of eyesight. He has made  ironical observation that people with good eyesight often fails to see what is right in front of him. It is because the active eyes have to take so much things into consideration.

At the same time people who can not see or have very poor eyesight, have to receive only the essential things whatever registers most telling on their remaining senses. So in perception of things there is a big gap between the person having good eyesight and persons having weak or no eyesight.

The Eyes Have It long questions answers

“Then I made a mistake”—Who said this and when? which mistake does the narrator speak of? Was there really any mistake and  How did the speaker get rid of the mistake?MARKS-2+1+3 

ANSWER:   The narrator protagonist of the short story “The Eyes Have It” spoke  the above sentence to himself during the touchy conversation with the girl on the train. 

While speaking about the beauty of the hills in Mussoorie in October, the narrator asked suddenly about the movements in the outside. This question is referred to as the mistake made by the narrator. 

The narrator who wanted to conceal his blindness feared that his mistake might clear that he was blind. But the girl remained unmoved by such slip of tongue and asked him to look out of the window himself. This remark consoled the narrator that his mistake had not revealed the truth.                                                                                                                                                                                   

How did the girl and the narrator reminisce about the scenic beauty of Mussoorie? //(what ,according to the narrator is the best time in Mussoorie and why?)  MARKS-6/(1+5)

ANSWER: During the touchy conversation between the narrator and the girl in the short story “The Eyes Have It”, the girl expressed her deep love for Mussoorie. She thought that the hills are beautiful especially in October. The narrator also supported the argument and said that the tourists leave the hills and the roads become almost deserted that time. The hills remain covered with wild dahlias and the sun is ‘delicious’. At night one can enjoy a little brandy sitting in front of a log fire. All these thoughts made both of them nostalgic and reflective.                                                                                                                                                                           

How did the couple send off the girl in the train? MARKS-6

ANSWER: When the narrator was alone in the compartment the girl got into the train at Rohana. She would make her journey up to Saharanpur. Although it was a short journey, the couple came to see her off. The couple were probably her parents. They were very much worried about her journey. The woman gave a detail instruction what the girl should do in the train. She instructed the girl to keep her thing in a particular place and She advised not to lean out of the window. She also reminded her that she would not speak with any stranger. Then they called their goodbyes and train pulled out of the station.                                                                                                                                                                                 

“you have an interesting face”—who said this to whom? How did the person spoken to react? How did the speaker mend his/her comment?  MARKS-2+3+1

ANSWER:  In Ruskin Bond’s “the Eyes Have It”, the narrator protagonist said this to the girl who was in the train compartment with him.                                                                                                                                                                                                

The narrator who was completely blind wanted to know the girl’s looks. For this he remarked cleverly that she possessed an intresting face. The girl, hearing such appreciative accepted the compliment with ‘a clear ringing laugh’. She also added that she was tired of people who told her that she had a pretty face. 

At that moment the narrator realized that the girl had a pretty face. He corrected his statement by telling her that an interesting face could also be pretty.

The Eyes Have It long questions answers

“Her voice had the sparkle of the mountain stream”—Why did the speaker feel such line?// How was the narrator impressed by the girl?  MARKS-6

ANSWER: Though the narrator in “The Eyes Have It” was completely blind, he was impressed be the girl. He liked the sound of her voice and also the sound of her slippers. He praised her laughter and created a pretty image of the girl in his mind. For this he tried to conceal his blindness and praised her saying-“you have an interesting face”. When the girl bade the narrator good bye, she stood very close to him. The sweet perfume of her hair captivated the narrator. He wanted to touch her hair but she moved away. Thus the girl left a deep impression on him and this short encounter would remain preserved in his mind for a good length of time.                                                                                                                                                                             

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