Write a story on the night watchman and his dream

 Here I am going to write a story on the Night watchman who had a dream and saw a dream. In his dream he saw a thief entering into the area and that came true in reality. So let’s write a short story on the night watchman for the students and also for those who want to write a good story for any examination. The students who want to get a good learning will surely get a good help here.

The Watchman

write a story writing on the watchman
This is a story writing on the watchman and his dream

Once a watchman was appointed at a large chemical factory to guard its office at night. His duty was to see that no thief could commit any theft entering the factory-office at night. For that, he was to remain awake for the whole night. He spent five or six months in guarding the factory-office sincerely, and found no thief venturing to enter the office. He often said to himself, “Why do I remain awake during the whole night ? Sometimes I feel sleepy. I don’t take even a nap. Can’t T have a nap when everything is getting right ?” Though the watchman was very serious in rendering his services, he decided to sleep for a short time from the very next day.

On the next night, the watchman had taken a heavy meal, and began walking with long steps. He looked up and down the corridor for sometime and found none. He also went out of the gate, watched on all sides, and was sure that no thief would dare to enter the office as he was there.

Soon he felt drowsy, and sitting on the chair he fell asleep. In his sleep, he began to dream that he was on duty and performing his job seriously. Again in his dream, he saw that a thief entered the office gate and was trying to force open it. Having such a bad dream, the watchman woke up and found his dream true. Really, a thief was trying to break open the gate of the factory. He caught the thief red-handed and telephoned the police station to arrest the thief. The police came within a short time and took the thief away.

The next day, the watchman visited the factory office at day time to inform his officer about the fact that had happened the previous night. He did not want to conceal anything, He said to the officer, “Sir, The fact is that I fell asleep yesternight and dreamt a thief was trying to break into the office. At once I rose up, and thus I caught the thief actually” The officer was very pleased hearing the incident, and said, “I must reward you for catching the thief and for your honesty of speaking the truth. But, listen to what I say. I don’t need your service for you neglected your duty.”

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