Essay on hostel life of a student

This is an essay on hostel life of a student and this is prepared here using the points below. The essay is written according to the points.

QUESTION- Write an essay in 500 words on your life in school hostel and the importance of hostel life in student life ?

  • Points :
    • Introduction
    • Description of the hostel
    • Your daily routine in hostel
    • How you feel there
    • Importance of hostel life
    • Conclusion.

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A hostel is an essential part of education system as it becomes an abode of the students and teachers. I live in our school hostel and the name of our school is V. K. Institution. I have come from a remote village with the new hope of winning the hurdles of life and stayed in a hostel.

Essay writing on my life in school hostel.
short essay on hostel life

Description of the hostel

lt consists of a long one-storied building of twenty rooms open on all sides. One of these rooms is for the superintendent, while the others are for teachers and students. There is a separate building for the kitchen and the menials. Our hostel is a long one storied building of two rooms on all sides. The hostel superintendent, some of our teachers and we, the students live there in seperate rooms under one and equal rule of the institution. The facility of kitchen and menials are in a seperate building which are the souls of hostel days.

Your daily routine in hostel (Essay on hostel life of a student)

We have to follow a strict regulated life in the hostel which is of great importance to the students for building up their good character. The day starts with the morning bell at five o’ clock. We get up at once and wash our faces. Then we do our morning prayer together hoping for a day of good spirit and fortune. From 7 am to 9.30 am we concentrate on study and homeworks. After that we have our bath and lunch, and then we go to our classes.

The only attractive time for which we wait all the time is the afternoon period after the school hour ends. This is devoted to physical exercise of some sort, often under the supervision of some of our Physical Instructors. On return to the hostel we first wash ourselves and then sit down at our studies. Our supper comes at about 9 p.m. after which we retire to bed. There are Occasional variations in this programme; but the Superintendent and other teachers see to it that we do not indulge in any undesirable activity.

How you feel there

The taste of hostel life seems to me boring and unbearable except the time of homecoming returns after some intervals. When I come home to spend some days with my parents, it seems to me that an unmixed joy makes me forgetful of those routine life in the hostel. But the time of return always arrives more swiftly than ever and a feelings of loneliness and remorse engulf me again. I return to hostel and another bond of friendship creates its boundary within the hostel life.

Importance of hostel life (Essay on hostel life of a student)

We are thirty boarders making up a family with the Superintendent as the head. If anyone falls ill, the hostel doctor comes in and the fellow-boarders give him all the care and attention he may require. This provides a lesson of friendship, fellow-feelings and social outlook.


Another important thing of hostel life is that hostel gives us habits of self-help. We have to take care of our personal belongings ourselves, make up our own beds and live under strict control from morning to night. These are habits which I am sure will stand me in good stead in my future life. To become a successful man, there is surely a need of hostel life and I think everyone must have an experience.

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