Report writing on Independence day celebration in school

Here is a report writing on Report writing on Independence day celebration. 15th August is the independence day of India. we celebrate the day with patriotic spirit. Here is a report writing for the students of class 9, 10, 11, 12 under WBBSE, WBCHSE, CBSE AND ICSE Boards.

Report writing on Independence day celebration

Independence day celebration in school

-by Anik Sen (class 12 roll no 01 )

15th august the Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and patriotism this year in our school. The Independence Day celebration planning commenced weeks before the actual event. A dedicated organizing committee monitored the whole matter. That committee ensured a grand and inclusive celebration with national pride in our school.

The day began with a flag hoisting ceremony at our school campus at about 7.30 am. Our respected Headmaster hoisted the national flag in the presence of the students and some guests. When the national anthem was sung, and everyone saluted the flag, the atmosphere was filled with patriotic fervor.

report writing on the independence day celebration in your school

Following the flag hoisting, a series of cultural programs took place to celebrate the day. The students of various classes performed traditional dances, patriotic songs, and theatrical performances. High-ranking government officials, along with local dignitaries were present on that day. They delivered speeches that highlighted the significance of Independence Day. They discussed about the struggles of the past and the progress that our country has made since independence. Their valuable speeches enriched the knowledge of the students.

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 The Independence Day celebration was a resounding success. It fosters a sense of national pride, unity, and camaraderie among the students. The event not only commemorated the historical significance of Independence Day but also reinforced the responsibilities and duties of every citizen in contributing to the growth and progress of our nation. The grand celebration left an indelible impression on everyone’s hearts with the love and respect for our motherland.

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