Story of Three Artists English writing

This is a short story of Three Artists, an English writing for the students who want to write good writings for complete preparation of the examination. This is how to write a good short story in English.

Story of Three Artists English writing


Once there lived three artists whose became very famous in the country. The king of that particular country decided to reward the best of the three. So they all appeared before the king. The king said, “Welcome to my court. Today you all are my honoured guests.  Paint pictures as per your choice. Tomorrow I shall wait for masterpieces to judge your ability.” The artists engaged themselves in painting.

The next morning the king visited the art gallery with his ministers. The first artist showed his work of art. It was a flower painted on the canvas. The painting of flower was so natural that a bee mistook it to be a real one and was flying near it. The ministers broke into a chorus, “This exhibition deserves to be rewarded.” Then was the turn of the second artist. He painted picture of a red ripe fruit hanging from the branch of a tree. So natural was the fruit that a crow came flying to peck at it. “It is really amazing”, exclaimed one of the ministers.

Story of Three Artists English writing for students of class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Story of Three Artists English writing

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Then the king advanced towards the third artist to examine his work of art. The artist led the king and his team to a curtain. The king asked, “Where is your curtain, revered painter?” The artist pointed to the curtain. The king advanced to the curtain and with a view to discovering the picture inside tried to lift the curtain. But that was not to be. The curtain wasn’t real. It was a painting. “This curtain is my painting, your Majesty,” said the third artist. The king became astonished and said that as his painting has hoodwinked a man like me, this is the most superior of all and you deserve the best prize”. So he rewarded the third artist with words of applause from everyone. 

Story of Three Artists English writing


Once a King announced a painting competition to see the state of painting in his dukedom. This time only three painters were competitors. They were very famous in the kingdom and the king wanted to know who among them was the best.

The day of competition came. It was held in an open place. The king wanted the people to see the competition and be inspired. The first artist painted a flower. It looked as if it was ready to give you by its beauty. The second artist painted an apple. The fruit had all the beauty of freshness the garden. Anyone would like to have a taste of it. The third artist painted a curtain. It seemed that something mysterious was behind the curtain.

The assessment hour arrived. The judges sat surrounding the King, the patron of art. The paintings were now in full display. All saw to their utter surprise that a bee hummed its way to the  painted flower and sat on it. It attempted to suck honey. Then an ox ran to the painting of apple and tried to munch it to juice. The third painting drew the judges. They went to the painting and tried to lift the curtain which was nothing but a painting.

The judges reached the conclusion unanimously. The first two paintings were able to deceive animals. So natural they were. And the third painting was able to deceive man, the rational animal. So the prize went to the painter of the curtain.

Story of Three Artists English writing


There lived in a modern city three artists. They are great masters in their art. They were all equally Skillful. It is difficult to ascertain who was the best of the three.
The artists, however, agreed to compete for a reward. Each of them drew a painting. The first artist had painted a flower. The second artist had drawn a fruit. The painting of the third artist was only a curtain. The three specimens were placed side by side.

The work of the first artist was extremely natural. It was difficult to take the flower as unreal. Even it tempted a bee. It tried to settle on the flower for honey.
A cow suddenly rushes forward to eat the fruit. The work of the second artist was equally beautiful and natural. A real fruit seemed to hang before. The judge became spell-bound by the art of the first two masters. He highly appreciated their paintings. But he felt more eager to see what the third artist had drawn. But what did the judge find? Only a curtain hung before him. He thought that the curtain covered the painting. So he moved forward to raise the curtain. The poor judge! He was completely deceived. This was no real curtain, but the master-piece of the artist. The judge was pleased beyond measure. The third artist was awarded the reward. He had been able to deceive the judge.

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